ENGINEERING CC is a company that offers the latest technologies supporting the industry. We provide the most modern machines for enterprises representing various industries – we primarily offer modern stretch film rewinders that work automatically, enabling a significant improvement in everyday activities.

Pre-stretch and stretch rewinder, i.e. the highest efficiency

Our offer includes automatic rewinding machines for stretch films with various parameters. Regardless of which solution you choose, you will benefit from the highest efficiency and the latest technology. The offered machines allow for the production of coreless manual and machine rolls fully automatically – thanks to simple and intelligent solutions, the cooperation between the operator and the machine is trouble-free and effective.

Our offer includes:

  • automatic rewinder for coreless film;
  • automatic rewinder for pre-stretch film;
  • automatic rewinder for stretch film;
  • automatic stretch mini rolls rewinder;
  • automatic coreless rewinder for the production of coreless stretch film.

Each of the available solutions provides the best parameters, operational reliability over many years, and the possibility of individual adjustment of the machine parameters to the company’s needs. What’s more, each of the available rewinders offers the possibility to significantly reduce production waste!

Bet on the best rewinders!

The automatic stretch film rewinders available in the offer include:

  • maximum efficiency and the ability to significantly improve production processes;
  • production automation, thanks to which the company can achieve even better results in a shorter time;
  • reliability resulting from the use of the best materials and technologies in the production of winders for pre-stretch and stretch films;
  • comprehensive technical service and support of the largest specialists in the industry;
  • a large variety of solutions, so you can choose parameters that will allow you to carry out everyday tasks;
  • attractive prices that meet the expectations of our customers for many years.

As a result, they are the greatest achievement of ENGINEERING CC – we are able to service the most demanding entrepreneurs and support the most modern production processes. In this way, we have gained the trust of many customers and we provide our solutions to the largest Polish enterprises.

Do you have any questions? Contact our specialists!

We care not only about the quality of available automatic winders, but also comprehensive and fully individual service for each client. Therefore, if you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will answer all your questions and advise you on choosing the right solution, as well as additional accessories.

ENGINEERING CC are innovative solutions for the industry that are worth investing in!